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In the watch space, the word “premium” gets thrown around all too easily. But what exactly does a watch have to possess in order to be considered premium? Is it a price point? Not necessarily—pricing can be used to position a brand but that doesn’t always signify the quality of the product in question. Is it brand pedigree and heritage? That helps, but it’s not required. There are plenty of new companies bringing beautiful crafts and groundbreaking innovations to the table. Is it celebrity endorsement? While it’s true many high-end brands have mega movie stars and pro athletes representing them, the same can be said for everyday items too. So a famous face recommending a product doesn’t automatically mean it’s a high-end one. 

A premium watch comes down to great quality, skillful execution, ease of use, appealing aesthetics, and thoughtful design—regardless of price.

Take for example one of the finest watchmakers in the industry, Patek Philippe. From their in-house movements to the applied numerals on the watch dials, the majority of Patek’s watch components are hand-finished, resulting in unmatched quality and design. Then there’s Maison Cartier, whose watches embody a distinct French approach to beauty and luxury. On the other side of the price spectrum—yet considered premium in their own right— are the highly coveted Apple watches.

These innovative instruments are groundbreaking in terms of functionality and wearability.

Finally, there are the new watches from Monaco Regatta. Despite selling for one tenth of the price of big watchmakers, these are premium timepieces that not only use the finest materials possible within their pricing parameters but also take inspiration from their home base of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

A Premium Timepiece is All About the Details

When crafting a timepiece, there are so many options to choose from, such as types of metals and material processes. For instance, Monaco Regatta uses 316L stainless steel in their watches to ensure optimal durability and resistance to oxidizing. Furthermore, to achieve a stunning gilded look, Monaco Regatta utilizes an innovative titanium nitride PVD process to apply a thick layer of 24k gold—the purest form of gold—onto the steel. In fact, their watches undergo the process not just once, but twice to best safeguard their color and integrity. 


Detailed work on a timepiece dial can range from the noticeable to the subtle. The best quality watches have applied numerals to give depth to the face of the piece. Intricate touches, such as brushed finishing, additional patterns like the wave motif found on the subdials of Monaco Regatta watches, and beveled edges on the center watch hands, adds more luxuriousness to the overall look of the watch. Although these extra details are more expensive and time-consuming to produce, the outcome is a watch that feels, looks, and wears flawlessly on the wrist. 

To protect the dial, Monaco Regatta uses sapphire crystal with interior AR coating, which gives the best view by keeping glare and scratches at bay.  

Of course, the type of strap that the watch is presented on is not just source of style but it’s also vital to a watch’s comfort and security. Italians are renowned for their mastery of leather goods backed by centuries of experience. Moreover, full-grain leather is the most sought after type of leather, despite being more difficult to work with, due to its durability, breathability, and its ability to develop a rich patina over time. Subsequently, handcrafted full-grain Italian leather embossed with a classic crocodile motif is the material of choice for Monaco Regatta timepieces.

A Premium Wristwatch Deserves a Solid Swiss Engine

A beautiful timepiece wouldn’t be anything without the movement it runs on. No nation is as closely associated with watchmaking as Switzerland is. For hundreds of years, Switzerland has been home to the best watchmakers in the world with masters passing on their knowledge, skill, and passion to the next generation. While there are other countries that do produce watch movements, Swiss watchmaking is unparalleled and respected everywhere. Therefore, premium watches who want to offer the best, opt for Swiss-made watch movements. Monaco Regatta watches run on Swiss-Made Ronda calibers, ensuring top accuracy, precision, and robustness.